One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week 2-21-11

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Michael Easton (John, OLTL)The tangled web just keeps getting more and more ensnarled. This week, Natalie discovers that John slept with Kelly. Will she forgive his indiscretion and chalk it up to his needing to avenge himself? Or are the two finished for good?

At the same time, it may have taken him a little while but Brody finally realizes that Tess is back. But will that stop her from heading off to Vegas with Ford to get hitched? Will Brody be able to prevent Tess from making a big mistake? We can only share this much -- before mid week, Langston provides Brody with a key piece of information about Tess. Will Brody use this intel to help Jessica?

Meanwhile, Dorian accuses Echo of having known that Clint is really Rex's father. Will Echo come clean? Speaking of Clint and Rex, Clint dares Rex to tell Bo the truth about David Vickers. Will Rex comply?

While over at Llanview High School, Shane's bully is revealed. Who is it? Later, James tells Starr he helped Dani and Nate hide out at Viki's cabin. How will Starr respond? Finally, Blair runs into Tomas once again and she can't help hide her surprise. Why is she surprised to see him? Find out when you tune in to General Hospital this week.