One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week 12-5-11

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John-Paul Laviosier (Rex, One Life to Live) (c) ABCPoor Rex.  He has had it pretty tough these past few months.  It doesn’t look like things are going to ease up for him, either. At least not this week – especially when Aubrey drops a bombshell on him.  Is it a good bombshell, or a bad one?  What does she tell him?

At the same time, Calmar is brought down to the Llanview Police Department.  As you can imagine, this does not bode well with Todd.  In fact, he becomes downright worried when he finds out about it.  Does he take matters into his own hands?

Speaking of Todd, his daughter Starr has resorted desperate measures recently. Will they come back to haunt her this week?

At the same time, Cutter and Stacy visit an important place in Gigi’s past.  Where are they and how is this important to their situation?  Will Rex find out about it?

While in more romantic developments, a long time couple, turned good friends, share a kiss.  Could it be Viki and Clint?  Was it their reminiscing that kicked things up a notch?

In the meantime, tables turn sour for Roxy when she receives devastating news.  What has happened to upset her so?  One thing is certain. Before the week is out, Roxy is desperate to save something she loves. To what measures will she resort in order to get what she wants?  Tune in to One Life to Live all this week and find out.