One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week 11-1510

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Hillary B. Smith (Nora, OLTL)This paternity thing for Rex has been going on forever. This week, Rex has had it up to his eyeballs with all the trickery and subterfuge. So, he demands to know who his father is. Will he get the answer? Here's what we do know. Before mid week, Echo and Charlie share a warm moment about Rex.

Meanwhile, the rest of the week in Llanview is a bit disjointed. There is a lot going on, but not much of it is related. To wit: James tries to comfort Starr in her hour of need. Does he succeed? Then, Kelly makes a fool of herself. How? At the same time, Marty continues her vendetta against Natalie. She even goes so far as to call the DNA lab pretending to be Natalie. We think Marty better get a reality check. Isn't she a shrink? Doctor, heel thyself. But we digress...

On the other side of Llanview, Nora and Inez argue about Bo. Why is he the object of their disagreement? Shortly thereafter, Todd secretly goes to see Greg get sentenced. And as Greg deals with his fate, his sister, Destiny, decides she wants to divorce her parents. Say what? What brought that on? Keep yourself parked in front of One Life to Live all week and find out.

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