One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week 11-7-11

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Bree Williamson (Jessica, One Life to Live)Is there any hope for these once quite close siblings?  It sure doesn’t seem so from the looks of things this week.  Natalie and Jessica’s relationship goes from bad to worse.  What causes the rift to widen this time?  

Speaking of Natalie, Clint is deeply disappointed that he can’t walk her down the aisle.  Luckily, he has Viki’s shoulder to lean on. Is that why the two of them end up in a kiss? Or do they?  If not, what stops them?  Meantime...

The action then turns to Todd as Tomas pumps him for his thoughts on Victor’s murder.   Will Todd reveal who he thinks pulled the trigger?  Later, Tea shares important news with Todd.  What does she reveal?  How will he deal with this new bit of intel?    Shortly thereafter, as Blair and Tomas share a kiss, Todd gets an eyeful.  Will the fact that Todd just so happens to be armed with a gun mean danger for either Blair or Tomas?

As if that weren’t enough for Todd and the other prominent players in his life, someone starts a fire at The Sun!  Are the flames extinguished before too much damage is done, or is The Sun about to be totally demolished?  More importantly, is anyone caught in the blaze?  Find out when you tune in to One Life to Live this week.