One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week 10-31-11

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Kassie dePaiva (Blair, One Life to Live)The Halloween holiday in Llanview finds Sam inviting Todd to come trick-or-treating with him and Blair.  Aw, that is so sweet.  Will Todd be touched?   We think yes!  Meanwhile, Todd takes a moment to psych himself up to declare his feelings for Blair.  Will he actually come clean?  Regardless, before mid week, Blair admits to Starr she’s torn between Todd and Tomas.  Looks like Todd has a shot, but will Tomas allow Blair to slip between his fingers?

At the same time, Natalie and Brody’s engagement party continues.  At one point, Rex is at the door greeting Cutter and Stacy, but they are disguised in costumes.  What happens later when a suspicious Rex prepares to disengage the mask from Stacy’s face?

Meanwhile, in some romantic developments, Viki and Clint reminisce about their own wedding as Cord and Tina find themselves alone in the stables.  Will there be any scary encounters, or is this purely all just lovey dovey stuff?

Shortly thereafter, Rex tracks Cutter’s female accomplice down to the Minuteman Motel and breaks into her room.  What will he find when he gets in the door?  As Rex deals with Cutter et al, Viki, Tina and Todd are summoned to court.  Why?

While on the other side of Llanveiw, Nora and Tea meet, at which point Tea tells Nora about Tomas's plans to find Victor’s killer.  How will Nora react?  Tune in to One Life to Live this week and see.