One Life to Live Sneak Peeks Week 1-2-12

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Hillary B. Smith (Nora, One Life to Live)It’s a Happy New Year for us, but a sad one, too, because it means only two more weeks of the broadcast episodes of One Life to Live.  On Monday, January 2nd, the producers are treating us to an encore episode.  But on Tuesday, ramifications of the blackout take hold in Llanview... 

As the town is plunged into darkness, we learn that all hell breaks loose at Statesville Prison.  With no electricity, there’s no way to hold law and order, and when the convicts band together, they break out!    

As ABC Daytime says, with the chickens coming home to roost, it’s a “familiar faces” alert.  Who will hit Llanview first?  Troy? Colin?  Lindsay?  We cannot spill all the beans, but we can share that the lives of Bo, Nora, Viki, Clint, Jessica, Natalie, John, Ford, Starr, and James “--okay, pretty much everyone you care about –“ says ABC Daytime, will NEVER be the same again.  Tune in to One Life to Live all this week to see it play out!