Soapdom Catches up with One Life to Live’s Kim Zimmer

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Kim Zimmer as Reva, Guiding LightSoap opera icon, Kim Zimmer, (Echo, ‘One Life to Live,’ ex Reva; ‘Guiding Light’) was in her home state of Michigan recently.  The actress appeared in the Barn Theatre’s production of ‘Sunset Boulevard.’The show ran from August 23 through September 4, 2011.

While in our beautiful state of many lakes, Zimmer also took the time to attend a book signing at a Grand Rapids Barnes & Noble store.

The delightful Zimmer kindly spent a few moments with Soapdom via telephone while she was in town.  As a Michigan resident and a fan of Zimmer’s, this was a huge thrill for me. 

Soapdom:  How did it feel to return to ‘One Life to Live’ after such a long absence?

Kim Zimmer:  It was interesting because when I arrived the guard … was the same guard that was there 28 years ago….  So that was really cool….  There were still some familiar faces and of course there were several actors I knew from the CBS shows….  So there were tons of people I knew over there.  The character of Echo had definitely changed over the years….  It was great – it was very comfortable to go back there.

Soapdom:  What would you say is your favorite thing about working at ‘One Life to Live?’

KZ:  The people I work with….  I got to work with Robin (Strasser, Dorian), I got to work with Erika (Slezak, Viki), I got to work with Jerry (verDorn, Clint) a little bit.  Of course it was Clint Richie when I was there before.  

Soapdom:  What was it like on set when you got the news of the show’s cancellation?

KZ:  I wasn’t there that day.  I didn’t go back to the studio until about a week later.  I’m not under contract….  ‘Guiding Light’s’ cancellation was so difficult for me I havne’t really laid down roots at ‘One Life to Live’ because I don’t want to put myself through that again.  So I didn’t move anything into my dressing room.  I felt bad for … the people who have made their lives on this show….  Those are the people I worry about and I know what they’re facing….  They feel they’re never going to work again but that’s not the case – there’s life after your soap opera.

Soapdom:  Will you be a part of the Internet version of the show?

KZ:  I have no idea.  I don’t think anybody knows….  If it happens, great.  If it doesn’t, that’s ok too….  I actually think I’ve been there longer than Frank (Valentini, EP) had intended for me to be there….  If he keeps throwing little jewels at me I’ll continue to work.  I don’t mind going to the Internet at all.

Soapdom:  Do you think the Internet is the future of soaps?

KZ:  I think if this is successful for Prospect Park with ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live,’ that they won’t have issues with moving ‘General Hospital’ to the Internet.

Soapdom:  Did you watch daytime television before you became a part of it.

KZ:  No.  Well, actually I watched ‘Young and Restless’ when I was in college….  I watched, never thinking that I would ever do a soap.  I was a theater trained actress and thought that’s what I would be doing for the rest of my life….  The world of daytime kind of came upon me by accident, and the rest, as they say is history.

Soapdom:  Are you still feeling the loss of ‘Guiding Light?’

KZ:  It’s only really still with me because I’m doing book tours for … my memoir….  I don’t mourn it (‘Guiding Light’) anymore.  We all have to move on….  

Soapdom:  Is there something you miss most about ‘Guiding Light.’

KZ:  The people – and not necessarily the actors because I do see a lot of the actors still.  It’s the crew people….

Kim Zimmer’s book ‘I’m Just Sayin!' is available on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble stores.

Visit Kim Zimmer’s official website and Watch for her on ‘One Life to Live’ weekdays on ABC.

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