One Life to Live Scores the Return of Gina Tognoni

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Gina Tognoni (as Dinah, Guiding Light)Gina Tognoni returns to One Life to Live! Yup, you heard correctly. Once the beam extinguished over at Guiding Light, Tognoni agreed to make her way back to the role she originated in 1996 – Kelly Cramer, Dorian’s niece, and daughter to Dorian’s sister, Melinda. 

Upon her original arrival, Tognoni became a fan favorite Llanview.  She left in 2001 to pursue other interests. In 2004, she turned up in Springfield as Dinah, and remained with Guiding Light until the show ended on September 18th. For her role as Dinah, she garnered to not one, but two Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy Awards.

OLTL's EP, Frank Valentini couldn't be more delighted. According to a blurb on SOAPnet, Valentini said: "I am excited to welcome the extremely talented Gina Tognoni back to the role that launched her daytime career. The role of Kelly is an important part of OLTL's history and Gina's portrayal as a member of the spirited Cramer family has always been a fan favorite. She is a friend and I am thrilled to be working with her once again."

Even though Tognoni left Llanview in 2001, the character has still been front burner at times. Tracy Melchoir played Kelly briefly until Daytime Emmy Winner Heather Tom took over the role back in 2003. Tom remained in the roll until 2007 when she and Kevin relocated to London together to raise their baby Zane. Interestingly, Zane is not Kevin's daughter. Instead, he is the product of a brief dalliance Kelly shared with Kevin's son Duke.

Watch for Tognoni to return sometime in early 2010.