One Life to Live Casting Coup! Catherine Hickland Returns

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Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, One Life to Live)Catherine Hickland returns to Llanview as the character everyone loves to hate, none other than Lindsay Rappaport. As you recall, Lindsay, Llanview's resident bad girl, was last seen heading to Statesville Prison for killing that devious doctor, Spencer Truman.  Too bad her conviction came as she had rekindled her relationship with Bo (Robert S. Woods).  But just as they were about to say "I do," the coppers stomped in and stopped the wedding.  Lindsay, once again, disappointed Bo as the truth came out and this time the damage seemed to be irreparable.

According to our set side sources, Hickland will return sometime this summer to play into the Bo, Nora, Clint triangle.  Triangle you say?  But didn't Clint and Nora just get engaged?  You betcha, but that doesn't mean that Nora and Clint's brother Bo don't still share feelings for one another. Afterall, they were married once. 

So what's Hickland been up to during her time away from Llanview?  Oh, not much really.  Let's see. She published her first book, "The Thirty Day Heartbreak Cure," and has been promoting it around the country on a book tour. She has studied and became certified in hypnosis therapy and works with clients on all sorts of issues, like weight management, stop smoking, you name it.  She even has a hypnosis show that she's taken on the road.  Let's see. What else. Oh yes -- she had launched a brand new website, and is also still toiling away with her very successful cosmetics company, .  She continues to be an advocate for animals and other worthy causes.  She is offering an inspirational weekend of self-help seminars in Las Vegas this fall.  Oh, and she also hosts her own radio show on BlogTalkRadio most Sunday nights! 

Although we don't know exactly how Lindsay will impact the lives of Bo, Nora and Clint, we do know that she will definitely stir things up.  Watch for her to appeaer in town sometime this summer.