Your favorite show on the bubble? Help it stay one the air with E!

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Calling all fans!Ladies and gentlemen, TV fans of all's that time of year again. It's time to Save One Show!

E! Online's annual Save One Show event is your chance to rescue your favorite endangered series from the evil clutches of cancellation. That's right, E! is putting the power back into the hands of the fans and doing its part to save your show!

Save One Show in a nutshell...

Here's how it works. Every spring, the network executives decide which shows will live or die for the coming TV season, and E!'s Save One Show campaign gives you guys the opportunity to pick the series that most deserves to stick around. And then E! fights like hell to make sure it does!

After E! get our winner, they'll announce the show to save on E! News and on E! Online, and then they take your message directly to that network. The powers-that-be will get your message loud and clear. And in the past decade, E! has successfully help rescue shows like Felicity, Angel and One Tree Hill. When E! gets down to the finales, we even get the stars of the shows involved, and the outcome is always amazing.

Right now, all they need from you guys are nominations. Network shows only, since this competition is all leading up to the network announcements in May. No cable shows! And shows like Desperate Housewives and House do not apply, since they are in their final season, and there just isn't any way for them to come back for another. Stop denying the inevitable!

Want Fringe back in the fall? Hard to think of a world without Cougar Town? Can't stand to think of losing Community? Head on over to E! online and nominate a show to save! We'll pick the top 20 bubble shows you want rescued, and then the voting starts the morning of Thursday, April 12.