Young and the Restless' Joshua Morrow on the Newman Arbitration Verdict to Air March 8th

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Joshua Morrow (Nick, Y&R)The tension has been rising and the Newman family has been at odds for quite some time. It all comes to a head this week when the outcome of the arbitration between Victor and Nick, Abby and Victoria airs on The Young and the Restless on Tuesday, March 8.

In a conference call with reporters on Monday afternoon, March 7, Joshua Morrow (Nick) shared the low down on the storyline.

"Nick and Victor have a very complicated relationship," Morrow said. "Nick didn't want anything. The only

thing he wanted from his dad was for him to be honest about being in Hawaii. Nick just wanted the truth."

However, for Victor to admit what Nick wanted him to admit, he'd also have to admit that he'd been underhanded with other members of his family and Victor wasn't able to do that.

"Now it looks like things are not going to be repaired (between them)," said Morrow. "I guess time will tell."

If a real-life family was in a court battle, what life lessons does Morrow see them taking away from this storyline?

"First and foremost honesty must prevail," Morrow said. "Victor has proven to be incapable of being honest with his children." The character of Victor is written as being very protective of his family, but he has a difficult time of being forthright with them. Nick and Victor are two very strong people and neither seem to want to bend on this."

But remember, Morrow cautioned. This is a TV show so the whole situation is very dramatized.

"At Nick's core, what really drives him is his family," Morrow continued. "He feels he was cheated of family life, being sent off to boarding school. He has this idea of what family life should be. As much as Nick is upset with his dad, he has some dad issues. As much as Nick is upset with him, he wants to make his dad proud. Victor is very tough to please. Nick just wants his dad to love and respect him for who he is. At the core, it's about having your dad love you for who you are. He is unwilling to give up on that. He wants his family to be nice and normal, the way he always wanted it to be."

Marcy Rylan (Abby), Amelia Heinle (Victoria), Joshua Morrow (Nick) of The Young and the Restless

If such a situation occurred in real life in Morrow's family, how would he handle it?

"If I found out that my real dad was sleeping with a woman I was sleeping with, I would probably handle it the same way Nick is with the exception that I wouldn't hate my dad for it. I would say you take her, I'll find another one. It's a really gross story, so it would affect me the way it does Nick."

Where does Morrow see Sharon and Nick's relationship as a result of the verdict?

"They have always had a great relationship," Morrow said. "But Sharon has definitely picked Adam over Nick. Nick accepts that. He is still in love with her and doesn't want her to go to prison."

How about Nick and Diane?

"Not sure where Nick and Diane are headed. It's tough to develop a relationship with a woman and then find out that she's been lying to you all along and that she was sleeping with your father. Nick has a lot of pride, and to learn that she had gone down this path with his father as well as him – I am not sure – it would be a tough pill in real life for me to swallow if it happened to me, but I don't know where it's going to go."

Okay, so the ship has sailed with Nick and Sharon as Sharon chose Adam. Diane and Nick are very suspect. "When Nick and Diane began, it was a very casual, easy thing. They started to develop stronger feelings, but once Nick found out she was seeing his dad, it was pretty much the most horrible thing Nick could imagine," Morrow reiterated. "I can't see anything happening there. It's a pretty serious line to cross. But it's the writer's job to shock people and keep him watching. That certainly was a polarizing storyline."

But what about Nick and Phyllis? "The characters cannot let go what they feel for each other," admitted Morrow. "Their relationship is very hot. When Nick sees her, he literally has to fight to not rip her clothes off, and it's the same with her. It's fun to play."

But of all the women in Genoa City, Morrow would be most intrigued if he were to get an entirely new love interest, an entirely new character. "Bring in someone new," he said.

Morrow would also like to try his hand at an addiction storyline. "Nick has never had a problem. He seems to have a wondering eye with the ladies, and one could describe that as an addiction, but something addictive. Seeing Nick fall apart would be fun to play. He would get to bear his soul."

So why should fans tune in Tuesday to see the outcome of the arbitration? What are fans in for?

"Fans are in for craziness!", Morrow said. "Who would have thought that three kids would battle with their father for his empire." Then, to add insult to injury, Victor turns to none other than Adam, the long lost son, who has stolen Sharon away from Nick. "Watch for fireworks!" enthused Morrow. "And solid performances by all." Not only that, but the March 8th episode will lay the groundwork for future story. "It will give us places to go for the next three or four years," Morrow revealed. "It's a good story and I hope you will all check it out."

On Tuesday, March 8, the verdict of the arbitration is handed down! Will Newman Enterprises be at risk! Will Victor's tricks save him? Tune in to The Young and the Restless on Tuesday, March 8 to find out!