Young and the Restless' Jeanne Cooper released from hospital and heading home

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Jeanne Cooper, Katherine of Y&R

By Mark Edward Wilows

Great news! Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) of Young and Restless was released on Saturday, April 27th from a Los Angeles hospital where she was in critical condition with a bad infection and remained for eight days. But according to Corbin Bernsen's (Jeanne's son) Twitter and Facebook pages, he proudly announced that mom is now at home.

He adds that he is overwhelmed with the abundance of blessings in his life, work, love, family, and to the many supporters that been praying and offering support for his mom. He proceeded to post a number of photos showing his mom on the way out of the hospital surrounded by family, and settled in at home.

On a personal note...I have known Cooper for 25 years. I was introduced to her by Lee Bell, owner and co-creator of Young and Restless and all three of us have remained friends.

Cooper is a remarkable lady. The two words that best describe her are 'Fire' and 'Brilliance'. Why? She just has a fire in her that is so strong with will and determination and brilliance on how she views life, especially at 84 years-old, and her mind is as brilliant and sharp as a whip. If I'd mention the word 'Retirement,' her comment was "Bite your tongue."

Cooper is doubtless on the road to recovery because of her attitude and outlook on life. She would always say to keep going, enjoy life, and she always ended every call with God Bless. Her passion for people and way with words is unbelievable. She is the type of lady that you can sit and talk to about anything, and I have. No matter the reason for the call, if it was for an interview or to chat, we talked two hours. Cooper was just as knowledgeable and comfortable talking politics or the love for her animals, or how she is getting her home ready for the holidays and what is on the menu for the Christmas buffet.  She loved to talk about the rights and wrongs in today's world.

As any regular viewer of Young and Restless knows that her character of Katherine is strong-willed, and like her, Cooper in life is even stronger. She has a love for Katherine, a part she has played for 40 years, as well as the love for the audience. She never forgets the fans and always said that she owes it to them and always wants to thank them for being on the journey with her.

In fact, recently she released her memoirs called: "Not young, Still Restless." The title says it all. Cooper wrote the book as a gift for her fans to get to know her and have a part in her life. She always said that the viewer and her have a strong bond and that she is proud of it.

As she continues on her road to recovery we at Soapdom wish her nothing but the best and can't wait until she is back to work and up to her tricks. Keep her  in your thoughts and prayers. She is one special lady and a class act that will never be duplicated. We'd laugh that they threw away the mold when she was created, and her response was "Of course" with that famous laugh.