The Ultimate Daytime Crossover

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CBS Daytime takes convergence to a new level


Marnie Schulenburg (Alison, ATWT and Adrianne Franz (Amber, Young and the Restless)Beginning today, February 22, 2007, soapdom takes a new turn.  The Young and the Restless and As The World Turns join forces for a crossover that spans shows, production companies and even mediums.  Additionally, the crossover will result in a new web series, called L.A. Diaries , which begins  streaming  Thursday,  Feb. 22 on's innertube.  Nine webisodes of the series will feature the backstory and friendship between Y&R's Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) and Alison Stewart (Marnie Schulenburg), a new character on ATWT.

Schulenburg will be introduced to the audience on the Thursday, Feb. 22 episode of The Young and the Restless when Amber seeks out her old friend Alison for help with an important problem -- namely helping Amber marry Cane (Daniel Goddard).  At the same time, L.A. Diaries will begin telling the story of Alison and Amber's friendship and the saga of how they came to be living where they are today.  Alison will make her debut on As the World Turns on Wednesday, March 21.

"We are so excited to have this opportunity to introduce a character from As the World Turns on The Young and the Restless, and to enable the audience to see their history through the webisodes of L.A. Diaries," said Barbara Bloom, Sr. Vice President, Daytime Programs, CBS.  "It's a wonderful chance for the fans of both shows to tune in and see some backstory on the characters, which is something we don't often get to do in daytime."

To take that thinking a step further, the character of Amber Moore, originated by Adrienne Franz, debuted and was a mainstay for many years on yet another CBS daytime soap, The Bold and the Beautiful. After about a six month absence from B&B, Amber showed up in Genoa City before Christmas and is already making waves.  I mean come on.  Drugging a guy and faking a marriage to him?  Pure Amberesque.

So this move by CBS Daytime covers not one, not two, but three soaps, plus the original web programming of the LA Diaries, where we learn that Amber and Alison turned to internet porn to make ends meet while living in Los Angeles.