The Bay the Series Season Two Premiere

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Mary-Beth Evans with reporter Michael Maloney (c) SOAPDOM/LMSIt was a full house at Henry's Hat on Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood last night as a private screening of season two of The Bay the Series met with rounding enthusiasm from cast, crew, and selected press.  

The stars were out in force including Mary Beth Evans, Tristan Rogers, Matthew Ashford, Martha Madison, Jade Harlow, Kristos Andrews, Jackie Zeman, Derrell Whitt and more, including the real star of the evening, Gregori J. Martin, who is the force behind The Bay.

Soapdom's review?

Enthusiastic bubbles up! Don't miss a moment.  This season is really going to heat things up in Bay City.

The first episode sets up the season quite nicely.  Performances from the likes of Sandra Dee Robinson, Jackie Zeman, and Tristan Rogers (altho his is rather short and sweet in this episode - but makes tons of impact), Derrell Whitt and of course, Mary Beth Evans, have me exited to tune in all season.

Here's what you can expect in season two:

With her youngest son missing, her other harboring dark and dangerous secrets, and a cynical daughter judging her every move, Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) struggles to keep her family together in Season Two of The Bay the Series. Life grows more complicated when her three-time husband, Lee Nelson (now played by Paul Satterfield) returns to Bay City.

Soapdom Review: Enthuiastic Bubbles upHowever, old wounds are reopened as Lee and Commissioner Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers), Sara’s former lover, clash.

Meanwhile, as a joyous occasion turns tragic, Brian Nelson (Dylan Bruce) is left to face the consequences of his past, while his fiancée, Zoey Johnson (Taylor Stanley) is faced with the unthinkable.

But the prodigal son, a bitter Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews), finally returns home as his sister, Marly Nelson-Foster (Martha Madison), learns a bitter truth.

Lives begin to unravel as secrets are revealed, leaving unanswered questions and broken dreams in their wake.

New faces for Season Two of The Bay include Ignacio Serricchio as Manny Ramos, Jed Allen as Harold Johnson, Jacklyn Zeman as Sofia Madison and Paul Slatterfield stepping into the role of Lee Nelson.

Written, produced and directed by Gregori J. Martin, season two of The Bay the Series premieres Thursday, Oct. 27th at 3:15pm ET/ 12:15pm PT.
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