The Bay the Series Season 2 returns April 26th!

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Tristan Rogers (c) Kathy HutchinsTHE BAY continues today, Thursday, April 26th at 3:15 pm ET / 12:15 pm PT, when Season 2 picks up where the explosive mid-season finale left viewers gasping for more!

Here's what's in store on the episode debuting today!

Wedding bell blues are overshadowed when Lex (TRISTAN ROGERS) shares the news of the unexplained explosion with Sara (MARY BETH EVANS) and her children. But wait!  There's more...

Tensions run high when Lianna (JADE HARLOW) tells Capt. Elliot (CHARLES SHAUGHNESSY) she witnessed the explosion, all while her mother, Janice (LILLY MELGAR), attempts to soothe a broken heart with one too many Majitos.

Harold (JED ALLAN) attempts to comfort Zoey (TAYLOR STANLEY), as Brian (DYLAN BRUCE) deals with the bitter truth.

The mysterious Steve Jensen (MATTHEW ASHFORD) only smiles when Christine (SANDRA DEE ROBINSON) comes to the rescue!

In the meantime, a kick off party for the return of Season 2, was held at Busby's East in Los Angeles.  It was hosted by Ignacio Serricchio (The Bay/General Hospital), and included a sneak peek of Chapter 8 of The Bay.

But that's not all.  Stars came out to perform for the assembled. Serricchio did his stand-up routine.  Nicholas Coster (The Bay/Santa Barbara) sang "My Funny Valentine."  Matthew Ashford (Days of our Lives/The Bay) say "If I Had a Brain," from Wizard of Oz.  Jade Harlow serenaded XGames champion Christos Andrews and Derrell Whitt with a sultry rendition of "Fever."  Along with several other star-studded performances, The Bay cast joined together for their ensemble performance of "Lights" by Journey.

A grand time was had by all.

Tune in to Chapter 8 Part 1 of THE BAY

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