SOAPnet Launches Fantasy Soap League

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If soaps are your sport, then this is your game!


Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, AMC)The Game Kicks-off Monday, November 13th

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What will they think of next?  Just in case you guys need a competitive fix for your favorite soap, Disney-ABC Television Group announced today that SOAPnet will launch Fantasy Soap League, an online game that provides a new way to interact with your favorite shows and characters.  Debuting Monday, November 13, on, SOAPnet's Fantasy Soap League is modeled after fantasy football, but instead of drafting players and rooting for athletes, you select and cheer on favorite soap characters and defining soap moments.

Okay, so the favorite soap characters part we get.  But what's a defining soap moment?  We've learned that something like "discovering you have a twin," or a "long lost love returns from the dead" would fall into the "defining soap moments" category.

Brian Frons, President, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group is gung ho for this new interactive soap opera idea. 

"Just as football fans can remember players, stats and specific games from decades ago, soap fans absorb details and retain story lines for years," said Frons.

He's got that right, that's for sure. Fans have been known to remember more about the history of their show than the current crop of writers. 

Frons continues, "A fantasy soap game is a unique opportunity to bring fans into soap characters’ lives and have the characters exist 24/7 on the internet between shows."

But here's the rub. This new online fantasy game will cost you. Disney-ABC Television Group is calling the game a "subscription service that rewards the avid soap viewer for watching their show."  You can join Fantasy Soap League for $9.99 for a renewable ten-week cycle.  Then, you'll “earn” points when the soap stars on your fantasy teams do well in the game of soaps.  All nine soaps (All My Children, As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, Passions and The Young and the Restless) are scored Monday-Friday. 

“Soap fans are as passionate about their soaps as sports fans are about their teams,” said Deborah Blackwell, General Manager, SOAPnet.

Maybe even more so, although I've yet to see a soap fan paint their face the colors of their show's logo, or group together three hours early to tail gait before their show comes on the air. 

“The fantasy league is a great way to connect with our fans and continue to grow a robust and avid online community of loyal and dedicated fans,” Blackwell continues.

So, how does the game work? First you choose your roster of soap characters and defining soap moments.  Let's say you pick Erica Kane, Victor Newman and discovering you have a twin to create a team.  Actually, you get to pick three male characters, three female characters and four soap moments.  Now that you have your team, exactly how do you get those points?

The object of Fantasy Soap League is to match top characters and top moments with storyline from any of the nine soaps.  You earn points for wearing red to a funeral, coming back from the dead, interrupting a wedding, taking your shirt off, and/or slapping your mother. 

The tallying of points is done by the Soap Squad, a group of nine ardent soap viewers, who keep track of points Monday-Friday.  You can even make changes to your line-ups Friday-Sunday to maximize points for the upcoming week.

"The Fantasy Soap League online game was built out of a desire to offer all soap fans another way to interact with the content they are passionate about and with one another," said KC Estenson, vice president, digital media, Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group.  "In our effort to establish as the indisputable online home of the soap genre, this is just one example of how we will be expanding and increasing the 'community' aspect of the SOAPnet website in the coming months."

Looks like SOAPnet's got a few more tricks up their sleeve.  Stay tuned...