SOAPnet Gets ABC Family's Falcon Beach

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Beginning Saturday, January 6, SOAPnet airs the first season of Falcon Beach


SOAPnet will air the first season of "Falcon Beach" from ABC Family, it was announced today by Deborah Blackwell, General Manager, SOAPnet.  The series will premiere with a two-hour episode on Saturday, January 6th at 11AM with an encore on Sunday, January 7th at midnight.  Subsequent episodes will air Saturdays at 12:00 noon and repeat Sundays at 12 midnight, ET.

In a move that capitalizes on the Disney stronghold of broadcast entities, this show shuffle hopes to attract new viewers to the series second season on ABC Family.

“’Falcon Beach’ had a successful beginning on ABC Family and is a series that will resonate with our viewers, especially our 18-34 crowd,” said Blackwell.  “It is a natural opportunity for cross promotion with ABC Family and introduces the series to a new audience who will get hooked in time for season two."

This is not the first time SOAPnet has taken on re-runs of a newer ABC series.  "A few months ago we did a similar cross promotion with ABC when we aired the first season of ‘What About Brian,’" said Blackwell, "and introduced that series to some new viewers.” 

In September, SOAPnet saw double-digit increases across all women demos when it aired a special encore presentation of the first season of “What About Brian” in support of the season two premiere in October on ABC.  

Starring the up-and-coming cast of Steve Byers, Jennifer Kydd, Devon Weigel, Morgan Kelly, Ephraim Ellis, Melissa Elias, Peter Mooney, Allison Hossack, Ted Whittall, Lynda Boyd and Jill Teed, "Falcon Beach" originally premiered on ABC Family in June 2006. The series is co-produced by Insight Production and Original Pictures.

Centering on the sleepy New England town of Falcon Beach, a group of young adults from different social and economic backgrounds cross paths.   Although they live in different worlds, come summer, residents and visitors share a strip of the beach where anything can happen.  Sounds like my personal summers in the Hamptons in Long Island. But I digress...

In the premiere episode of "Falcon Beach" professional dreams conflict with family loyalties, ex-loves return to town in the hopes of rekindling what was lost, and the tides are tested in new loves when personalities aren’t as compatible as they seem.