Soapdom’s Got Your CBS Daytime Drama May 2011 Sweeps Previews

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Heather Tom (Katie, B&B)It's coming up on May Sweeps 2011 and as every dedicated soap opera fan knows, that could mean storylines wrapping up, new stories starting, the introduction of new characters, rekindled old flames, and tons more.

CBS Daytime Drama fans, we've got your sneak peeks on what you can expect on both the Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless. So without further ado...

May Sweeps on The Bold and the Beautiful
By Bradley Bell

Katie's belief in her husband has been shaken by her awareness of his dark plans for Amber. The therapy she insisted on makes things worse. Still, Bill made every effort to get her on the rescue flight with him, but when she did not answer his calls, he left without her. Steffy and Bill embark on a journey that will forever change their relationship. However, Katie does not want to lose her husband. Bill's love for Katie is undeniable. But how will his journey with Steffy affect all their lives? In the meantime, Nick continues to provide much needed support for his former love, Katie. Could that support turn to something more?

May Sweeps on The Young and the Restless

All we can say is romance, romance, romance and maybe even a catfight here or there. Why? Well, fans of Nikki and Victor rejoice. Your favorite couple will find that they are having tons of trouble keeping their grubby little paws off each other. In fact, show co-head writer, Scott Hamner says this: "Nikki and Victor's love will be explored and refined in a way the viewers will find very satisfying." Okey dokey. But what about the others involved in the equation, like Diane for example? One thing is certain. Nikki refuses to have an affair. Does that mean she will give Victor an ultimatum, or simply decide to not move forward? If Victor really wants to be with Nikki, will there be a showdown between him and Diane? If so, Diane won't get the kind of money she wants if she divorces -- due to that darned pre-nup -- so she will fight for the marriage. Maura-West-as-Diane-fans, hold on to your remotes. We think you're going to be seeing quite a bit of Diane as she engages with Victor over her marriage. The question is -- how far will she go?