Soapdom Gives Soapnet’s New Series, MVP, Two Bubbles Up!

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A primetime soap about the ups and downs of the hockey team, The Mustangs, MVP is definitely steam on ice


The cast of MVP on SOAPnetShot entirely on location in Toronto, Canada, with a Canadian cast, SOAPnet’s new series MVP is a true new guilty pleasure. I had the opportunity to screen the pilot episode with my husband, who admitted, that he’d tune in, if not for hockey story premise, for the gorgeous women. 

Not me.  Who cares about the women?  Gimme those adorable hockey players, who are not without their faults.  Like the character of Damon Trebuchet (played by Peter Miller), who refuses to give autographs, beds everything, and takes his sweet time warming up to the high-priced #1 draft pick rookie.

Speaking of the rookie, Trevor Lemonde (played by Dillon Casey) is the innocent, the newbie. The one who will learn the ropes as we learn them with him.  He’s from a small town, and is overwhelmed to find himself living the live of his hockey idols. He’s torn between the upstanding life of Gabe, and the debauched, detached lifestyle of Damon.

Let us not forget Gabe McCall (played by Lucas Bryant), who is the team’s heart, and probably even it’s soul. Too soon to tell.

SOAPnet, in conjunction with Toronto-based, Screen Door, Inc. has completed the entire first season’s ten episodes.  The show premieres Thursday night, June 19 at 11 PM on SOAPnet, with a repeat airing Friday, June 20th at 10 PM on ABC.

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