Soapdom Announces Partnership with PR News

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If it's happening, you can read it on Soapdom

Soapdom Will Soon be Running the PR Newswire News Feed. 

What’s the PR Newswire, you ask?  It’s where every company promotes their latest news.  It’s where magazines and television broadcasts get tips on stories to cover.  It’s the first step in what’s newsworthy in various industries.  It’s updated constantly.  24/7, the latest news will come direct from the PR Newswire to you via 

There are dozens of industries from which we can offer the latest news via the PR Newswire.  We have selected many that we think will be of interest you you:

This means that any breaking news, in any of the above categories, will be available 24/7 at -- as it breaks.  Even before stories appear in magazines or on TV, you’ll see them first at, as disseminated directly from the public relations departments of the various companies themselves. 

For example, we knew that SoapCity would soon be charging subscriptions for downloadable content. How did we know?  We got it from the PR Newswire – months ago!  Now, with Soapdom’s PR Newswire News Feed, you, too, will be in the know on the latest news, events, products and services way before anyone else!  

Before we develop our News Feed pages, we want to be sure we are covering all the industries you are interested in.  In addition to the above, what other areas of interest would you like to see offered from the PR Newswire at 

Let us know by clicking here:    Click to launch