Soap Star and fan reactions to Prospect Park announcement

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Hillary B. Smith (Nora, One Life to Live) (c) ABCHaving the day before Thanksgiving to digest news of Prospect Park's announcement that they were suspending efforts to launch One Life to Live and All My Children online, the stars of the soap operas and their fans are speaking out about the news.

Some of the comments are heartfelt. Others are downright nasty -- with the brunt of the blame on Prospect Park.  That's a real shame. After all, it was Prospect Park that stepped in and tried to make lemonade from ABC daytime's lemons.  Here's the soap opera buzz…

Hillary B Smith (Nora, One Life to Live)
"I want to b careful what I say right now. I am so sad for the fans. I am so sad for all of us who were robbed of the 7 months to plan."

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, General Hospital)
"Prospect Park terminated all efforts 2 continue AMC & OLTL. Announcement made just in time 4 Thanksgiving.... she says dripping with sarcasm"

Robin Strasser (Dorian, One Life to Live)
"My heart feels this IS Black-est Friday. My mind-confused by rumors about Prospect Park. My spirit is proud of being part of OLTL's history." And, "I'm rooting Prospect Park finds the funding, even if I was not picked to be a start-up contract player. Hoping good things happen for ALL:)"

Jerry VerDorn (Clint, One Life to Live)
"Hello everybody.Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes. I enjoyed the day prepping for the Thanksgiving Feast. Much to be thankful for and a little something to grumble about. Don't blame Prospect Park but rather blame the economy. They lost some financing that was too hard to replace. Start-up money is near impossible to find these days. Who knows what may happen. I guess my birthday present this year is retirement. Love to all."

Michael Easton (John, One Life to Live)

Vincent Irizarry (David, All My Children)
"It's hard to ignore the profound irony in the last words spoken on AMC, after 41 1/2 yrs of entertaining countless millions, delivered by "Erica," who said, "This is not the ending I wanted..." My heartfelt sympathies go out to all, especially the incomparable, loyal fans, after all their years of support, to have to live through this 2nd death. This news will never diminish our gratitude to you all."

A couple of journalists weigh in...

Carolyn "Opinion" Hinsey
"Memo to my FB friends: You have no idea how much time and effort went in to try and bring AMC and OLTL to the Internet. I personally know investors that PP approached. Please take conspiracy theories elsewhere and be grateful we have three more months of OLTL. And lets keep the blame for AMC and OLTL's cancellation where it belongs - on ABC."

Soaps In Depth ABC
"I'm beyond furious with Prospect Park for waiting until #OLTL had wrapped filming to announce this."

A sample of what fans are tweeting and facebooking...

JudyHas3Cats: "Now #AllMyChildren fans are totally left up in the air after the Finale. This was so very unfair and nasty of #ProspectPark, also for #OLTL.  and I'm wondering how #OLTL ended their Finale show. I believe they wrapped production the other day. Hope it's not a cliffhanger (like #AMC)."

Tony Leadholm:  "We all thought ProspectPark was #AMC's savior when in reality it was the knife perfectly placed-twisting ever so painfully."

KACIEJPC: "Did u hear the bad news? Prospect Park cancelled their plan to show AMC/OLTL online!! We don't get a proper ending to AMC! :=("

TeamGH: "AMC & OLTL will not continue online! My heart goes out to everyone involved in this sad announcement. Hope for GH fans?! I wish!"

Kristine King Cohen: "Well so much for Prospect Park saving our shows!"

Jasam: "Well that made my day."

Pretty The Series: "is sadden to hear Prospect Park has abandoned plans to bring AMC and OLTL to the web. three cheers to the casts and crews of both shows."

Kelli Williams:  "Oooh Wheee....there's gonna be A LOT of backlash with our soaps getting canceled and NOT picked up online, people are PISSED!!!"