Soap Opera Weekly Done?

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Inaugural issue of Soap Opera Weekly, 11-21-89In yet another sad day for soapdom, Soap Opera Weekly, sister publication to Soap Opera Digest, may be closing it's doors. 

According to Janet Di Lauro, Days of our Lives guide at, former west coast editor for Soap Opera Weekly and long time colleague of, the magazine is now defunct.

"Inside sources report that Soap Opera Weekly, a magazine that premiered in 1989 and covered Days of Our Lives strongly for over two decades, has been shut down," DeLaurio stated on her blog. 

She continued... "Insiders say that several staff members were let go, while others will be reassigned to new positions at its sister publication Soap Opera Digest."

This news is very hard to swallow for your Soapdom QueenRuler.  In 1998, then Soap Opera Weekly editor-in-chief, Mimi Torchin, gave me my first print publication assignment, and continued to purchase freelance articles from me over the next few years.  It was her faith in me and my ability to contribute interesting and timely articles, that spurred on the creation of my first website,, and subsequently, 

Here are a few of my articles published in Weekly:

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But as daytime soap operas dwindle, so does the justification to continue the expense of covering what's left.  At least, some personnel at Soap Opera Weekly found a new home over at Digest.

Yup. It is surely a tough time out there.