Smith, Eakes, Brown, Elliot

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Casting crisis. Are your faves in or out?

Are They Staying or Going?

Contrary to what you may have read on other web sites, Emmy winner Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan) is not leaving Llanview. The online rumors had Smith leaving New York for the West Coast - and possibly a gig on a rival soap. However on her official web site, Smith set the record straight. "No, I am not moving back to the West Coast. I never lived on the West Coast to begin with, so it would be hard to move back. My family [lives on the] East Coast, and for right now, that's where I need to be."
Smith joined the cast of One Life to Live in 1992. Just two years later, in 1994, the actress was awarded the Outstanding Leading Actress trophy at the Daytime Emmys. Prior to joining One Life to Live, Smith had a successful seven-year run on the CBS soap As The World Turns. Last year, the actress returned to feature film with a cameo role in the Jennifer Lopez film, "Maid in Manhattan."



Is Bobbie Eakes on or off The Bold and the Beautiful? That's what many fans are wondering now that Macy's life hangs in the balance.

Well, fans may just have to hang on as well, since Eakes's departure is far from definite. There has been no official word on an exit, and Eakes joined in on the show's cast photo, hinting that she may return to the B&B canvas in the near future.

The actress recently joked, "Even if I die, I've died before and come back, so anything's possible."


In related news, Kimberlin Brown has wrapped up her latest stint as demonic tormentor Sheila — she'll be seen on air through mid-October — but fans shouldn't leave their doors unlocked just yet. While a show spokesperson couldn't go into specifics of a return, he advises viewers, "Don't think you've seen the last of her."



In more good news, General Hospital Fan-favorite Jane Elliot (Tracy Quartermaine) is headed back to Port Charles - and this time it's for more than just a few appearances. ABC has now confirmed that the Emmy-winning actress has been signed to a long-term contract with General Hospital.
Elliot made her General Hospital debut in 1978 as the rich, spoiled daughter of Edward and Lila Quartermaine. Elliot left General Hospital in 1980 after winning an Outstanding Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy before eventually returning for another stay in Port Charles in 1989.  It is unclear if General Hospital's writers will in any way revisit Tracy's past from the now-cancelled The City, where Tracy married into the mob and later became the head of the Soleito crime family.

"I'm very, very excited about [returning to] GH," said Elliot of her return.
Elliot begins airing November 13th.