Prospect Park puts One Life to Live on hold pending legal troubles with ABC

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Unless you've been under a rock today, fans of One Life to Live know the slightly distressing news that Prospect Park has put a hold on season two of the continuing drama pending it's legal woes with ABC.

Both All My Children and One Life to Live have aired their season finale episodes, but Prospect Park has kept mum regarding the second season, until today.  Announcing that they are going forward with the script writing for season two of All My Children, they are putting One Life to Live on hold, at least for the short term.

Prospect Park licensed both One Life to Live and All My Children from ABC daytime after the network announced the cancellation of both soaps in April 2011.  After a false start or two, the two popular soap operas launched online earlier this year on The Online Network ( and on and iTunes, and later on The OWN Network.  But being online means that data is very gatherable and Prospect Park soon learned that viewing habits of the online viewers were more inclined to producing two new shows a week of each soap, instead of the original four new shows a week.  There was a bit of a backlash over this, but Prospect Park continued in this vein until the season finales.

Additionally, there is dissention between Prospect Park and ABC in regard to several characters who were loaned to ABC for General Hospital from One Life to Live.  ABC chose to kill these chraacters off unexpectedly -- at least it was the last thing Prospect Park expected. So, Prospect Park took ABC to court over this issue.  That case is still pending, although ABC maintains it acted in good faith and has done nothing wrong.

Today, the production company announced that until this dispute with ABC is resolved, they are not giving the green light for the second season of One Life to Live and have put a hold on writing the second season's scripts.  At least for now.  According to the Los Angeles Times, "The team will focus on producing All My Children, which proved to be the more popular show online.  (On TV, One Life to Live generated higher ratings.)  Executive Producer, Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz, is now two years and more than $10 million into the soap business."  That's quite a major investment.  To say he is "all in" on this project is an understatement.  "The leavning curve,' he said, 'has been intense."

Soapdon will stay on top of this story, so keep checking back for updates.  

Meantime, to show Prospect Park just how much you love and want your shows to have their second season, continue to tune in to season one. Watch the episodes, visit the new website, etc.  The one sure fire way to prove to the powers that be at TOLN and Propsect Park, is to show them the market for these shows still exits.  Viewership is the proof.