Primetime mid-season casualties

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January 14, 2012

Benjamin Koldyke (Work It)The first of the mid season shows to bite the dust

Easy come, easy go. ABC has just axed "Work It," a sitcom that was doomed from the start.  Critics panned it fromt the getgo.  Not many viewers tuned in.  And now, after only airing two episodes, the network has pulled the plug.   Repeats of "Last Man Standing" with Tim Allen will air in the time slot until ABC decides what to put there. 

A poor man/woman's "Bosom Buddies,"  "Work It," just didn't have the heart, comedy, or the point-in-time, it's predecessor shared. 

Bosom BuddiesWhereas Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari were funny and endearing as they were forced to disguise themselves as women to find the only place to live that they could afford, Benjamin Koldyke and company from "Work It," use forced laughs, mean spirited digs, and sexist ploys to get jobs as women -- cos they could not get jobs as men -- that just made me cringe. I could not even get through the pilot episode. 

Don't the creators and writers of this show know that it's been traditionally tougher for women to get hired? Not only that, when we do get hired, it is still usually for less pay than our male counterparts. if the entire premise of the show was an attempt to turn that around, that's commendable. They just did a very poor job of executing it.

The best thing, by far, about "Work It," is the show's logo.

Work It Logo

What's been difficult?  I really wanted to love this show.  I know one of the writers and was rooting for it before I ever saw it. Once seeing it, however, I haven't had the heart to speak to my colleague.  It goes to that "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all."  With the show's demise, he is now out of work and I feel really bad whenever anyone loses their job.  Should he now dress in drag to find his next gig?  Sure hope not.