PC's Michael Easton to One Life to Live?

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Rumors put to rest by Easton himself!

Michael Easton ABC Confirms!  Easton is Headed to Llanview

Updated Monday, July 28, 2003

With the door barely shut on Port Charles, fan favorite Michael Easton (Caleb/Steven) has announced on the Michael Easton Corner website last Friday that he has been courted by a number of soap operas and has agreed to come on board at One Life to Live. 

"I feel very fortunate to be joining 'One Life to Live,' he writes in the News from Michael section of this website.  "I am looking forward to working with the very talented cast and crew.  No determination on what character I'll be playing has been made yet ,or the first air date."

Here's the thing.  We believe that this is true and not internet rumor. Josi, the webmaster of Michael Easton Corner, is in contact with Easton.  Her site is an "official fan site" for Easton and he does and has contributed to it in the past.  As this is Saturday, ABC Daytime is not available for comment. 

If it IS true, congratulations, Michael on landing the new gig!  And guess what.  It is now Monday and we have heard from ABC Daytime. The are confirming that Michael Easton is indeed on his way to Llanview.  However, there is no other information that they will release at this time. 

So let's speculate.  Easton himself says that he has no info on who he will play or when he will air.  We have some ideas.  Let's see, could he be nu Todd?  Makes sense to us. Not only does he have a similar look and demeanor to old Todd (Roger Howarth), he likewise has portrayed soap characters with a definite dark side. (How much darker can a vampire get?)  Not only that, Easton posseses the same brooding style of delivering a performance that Roger Howarth made a trademark for the Todd Manning character. 

However, it does appear that the current character of Walker is being played up to perhaps be Todd, but according to Soapdom's Suds Buzz guru, Mark Wilows, there is a major twist afoot that could put a kink in that theory. 

So, I say that if it is true that Easton is on his way from Port Charles to Llanview, Todd Manning is a likely choice for his character.  What do you think?  Let us know in the One Life to Live message boards.   In the meantime, we will stay on top of this breaking story.  First thing Monday morning we will contact ABC Daytime regarding signing Easton to One Life to Live. Stay tuned.