One Life to Lives' David Gregory not signing with Prospect Park

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David Gregory (Robert, One Life to Live)Amid rumors that David Gregory (Robert Ford) has decided not to continue on with One Life to Live when the show goes online with Prospect Park in January, Gregory put rumors to rest today when he posted the following to his Facebook fans:

"Hey Everyone, just a note to say that I will not be joining Prospect Park. It was a very hard decision to make. But I am very excited to shoot the final episodes this next week. Thank you all for all your support. It means the world. I'll never forget this experience. All my love to all you wonderful fans."

Almost immediately, over 50 people "liked" the comment, and over 92 wrote comments to the star expressing their thanks for his time and talents while on the show, their disappointment at his leaving, along with their best wishes for his continued success.

Jim Richardson Jr. said:  "Congratulations David on a job well done. Robert Ford is a villain that will remembered in the annals of soap opera history. My wish for the best that life has to offer. Take care of yourself."

Rachele Ream commented: "Aw, sorry to hear that, but good luck in your other projects! You'll always have the support of your soap fans behind you! (And please consider Dancing with the Stars- look at JR- with the soap fans voting for you, you could go just as far!! ;) )"

Rose Gencarelli replied: "Wow I'm heart broken that u aren't continuing but u r talented n will suceed in all u do we love u."

Dimetreus Mitchell chimmed in: "You are a very talented actor. You will definitely be missed on OLTL. With your talent you are going to go very far. Keep us posted with your new ventures."

Beth Barton said: "I am so sorry to hear that. I was hoping that you and Jess would get together and take that to the next level. Hopefully, maybe when they finally find a station you will change your mind and come back .I have so enjoyed your charactor!!"

Many simply wished him well, while others begged him to stay. 

Gregory did reveal that the "Fess" situation was all worked out, but it was a surprise so that was all he would say on the matter.  He also shared that his last tape day is November 18th.

Soapdom, like Gregory's other fans, wishes him all the best as he embarks upon his future career.