One Life to Live's Bree Williamson on NBC's Deception

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Bree Williamson (Vivian Bowers, Deception; Jess/Tess, One Life to Live)With news of The Online Network coming to fruition, some fans of One Life to Live may be disappointed to learn that getting Bree Williamson (Jessica/Tess) back in Llanview could prove a bit of challenge.

But that's not to say Williamson won't be delighting fans in her latest gig.

The gorgeous and talented Williamson has landed the role of scandalous socialite Vivian Bowers on the new NBC midseason drama, Deception. In the pilot episode, airing tonight on NBC, Vivian is found brutally murdered, and her best friend from childhood goes undercover to invesitgate the crime.

But here is the thing....

Even though Vivian is murdered in the first episode, she will appear in flashbacks throughout the season so we'll be treated to lots of Bree Williamson as the series progresses.

Soapdom will be speaking with Williamson this week and we'll get the latest scoop on her new series, her thoughts on the cancellation of One Life to Live and it's second resurection on The Online Network.

In the meantime, here's some sneak previews and a photo of Williamson inDeception and be sure to tune in to watch tonight on NBC. We saw the pilot and agree, it's an exciting show. Congrats to Williamson on landing this role! You can get a special sneak peek of the pilot, too! Check it out below.

Bree Williamson in Deception, The Pilot Episode

Pilot Preview below


The Pilot episode