One Life to Live fans it is true! Roger Howarth returns after 8 year absence

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Roger Howarth (Todd?, OLTL)After months of speculation and millions of fans keeping their fingers crossed, Soapdom can now confirm that Emmy-winner Roger Howarth, shown here as Todd Manning in 2002, returns to ABC Daytime's 'One Life to Live' and will begin taping in May.

As any diehard One Life to Live fan knows, Howarth created the role of Todd Manning in December 1992. But what many may not know is that his spellbinding performance turned what was originally a day-player role into a compelling long-term character. Howarth was awarded the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding younger Actor in 1994. He last appeared on OLTL in 2003.

So with Howarth returning, what will become of Trevor St. John who has been playing the role of Todd Manning exceptionally since 2003? St. John stepped in when  Howarth left -- without the character skipping a beat. He has won over his fair share of fans, as well as making the character his.

Fear not, Trevor St. John fans. He is not going anywhere. As he currently lies comatose in the hospital, One Life to Live executive producer, Frank Valentini, assures fans that the developing storyline will utilize the talents of both Howarth and St. John.

Trevor St. John (Todd?, OLTL)"We are thrilled to have Roger return to 'One Life to Live,'" said Valentini in a statement. "As 'OLTL' viewers know, Trevor St. John has been playing the role of Todd Manning since 2003. We have a great story planned that will involve both actors."

But the show producer isn't the only one happy that Howarth is heading back to Llanview. Howarth himself couldn't be more delighted. "I am looking forward to returning to 'OLTL,'" said Howarth. "We are going to have a lot of fun telling this story, and I am excited to see how it will unfold."

As you know, there have been more than a few references in One Life to Live storytelling of late about Todd's face-changing surgery. The way we see it, Howarth's return could be played a number of ways. Either, St. John's Todd was never really Todd, simply an imposter who assumed the identity of Todd Manning at an opportune time, or, St. John's Todd is the true Todd, and Howarth is an evil twin -- an identical twin, that is, of Todd's original face! Or, Howarth is the true Todd, recovered from amnesia who returns to Llanview to out St. John's Todd and reclaim what's rightfully his. Or, Howarth turns out to be a totally new character, with no claim as to the real Todd Manning.

Which ever way the story goes, having a set of Todds as opposed to just one is sure to make life hell for a number of Llanview denizens. Who really rapped Marty? Who is Tea really married to? Who is Jack? Yes, he's the son of the original Todd -- namely Roger Howarth's Todd.  Could his current "evil" ways be remants of original Todd Manning's "evil" ways?  Tell you one thing when it comes to Jack. We are looking at a sociopath in the making, I'm afraid. He's a bad kid, showing no sign of remorse. Is he the way he his due to his true birthright, or has he turned outlike this thanks to his being raised by St. John's Todd?

One way to find out. Keep your eyes peeled on One Life to Live this summer.

A little about Roger Howarth

Howarth was born in Westchester County, NY, and following one semester at George Washington University, decided to pursue acting. He enrolled at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center and performed at such prestigious regional theater centers as Williamstown (MA), Stagetown (Springfield, MA) and the Cleveland Playhouse. In addition, he has appeared in a New York Shakespeare Festival production of "Macbeth," and as Probst in the WPA's "The White Rose." He was selected through a nationwide talent search and subsequently won roles on "Loving" and "Guiding Light."

Howarth's theatre credits include "Henry IV," "Passions," "You Touched Me," "Mother Courage" and "Orestes," and he made his Broadway debut in "The White Rose." In 1999 he appeared in James Goldman's Broadway production of "The Lion in Winter" alongside Stockard Channing and Laurence Fishburne. Television credits include the science fiction series "Prey," "Dawson's Creek," and in July of 2003 he took over the role of Paul Ryan on "As the World Turns."

Howarth currently resides in NYC with his wife of 21 years, Cari, and their 8-year-old daughter. Their son is currently playing soccer in Sweden.