OLTL's Sherri Saum Says Buh Bye to Llanview

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Saum plans on moving out, and up.

Sherri Saum (Keri, OLTL)Llanview Loses Another Resident

Although a spokesperson at OLTL insists that Sherri Saum is still under contract with the show and advises viewers to watch the climactic next few weeks to see what happens, a set-side source reveals that the actress will indeed  make a dramatic exit the week of Sept. 15, 2003.

The soap veteran, who originated the role of Professor Keri Reynolds, a strong woman destined to find love with the heroic Antonio Vega (Kamar de los Reyes) and a father in the devious R.J. Gannon (Timothy D. Stickney) in 2001, briefly saw her onscreen family grow with the addition of her mother (played by Barbara Niven) and the birth of a child fathered by Antonio. But the storyline lost steam earlier this year with the death of Keri's mother and a decrease of screen time for Saum.
Last month, Saum took a short break from OLTL to fly to Spain for her best friend's wedding. Once back on the set of OLTL, Saum is now working long hours to get her scenes in for the upcoming weeks.

Contrary to published reports, the actress stresses her exit from the show is a mutual agreement. "I will miss the great cast and crew from One Life," she shares in a press release. "Unfortunately my ambition and One Life's vision for me just didn't match. I wasn't happy coming to work anymore, so I asked to be released from my contract a year early."

Sherri Saum (Keri, OLTL)Saum, who completes production this week, gives her best to the show and former boss, OLTL's executive producer Frank Valentini. "[He] is one of the hippest bosses I've ever worked for," she says.

Her immediate plans include pursuing projects in other entertainment mediums. "I am very excited to move on to other adventures... and [to] reach the potential I have as an actress."  Saum would love to find herself on a series playing an attorney or a C.I.A. type or a detective. Interestingly enough, a few years back, she actually toyed with the idea of becoming a real-life FBI agent and even enrolled in N.Y.'s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. But she had to ditch her law-enforcement studies when the chance to play Vanessa Hart on Sunset Beach came along. She wound up moving to L.A. for three years to star on the Aaron Spelling NBC soap.

The staff at Soapdom joins together to wish Saum the very best in her future endeavors.