Older women watch soap operas and daytime TV in general

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altAccording to an article in a broadcasting trade publication, women watch daytime television. But they are -- in most cases -- over 50 years old.

"The syndicated TV daytime audience skews heavy older women because they are mainly the people who are home during the day," Adgate says.

Here are some of the main points of the article:

1) The number one daytime show is the syndicated Judge Judy, now in its 17th season. Nielsen data reveals that it is averaging 9 million viewers per day, with 5.7 million of those being women. Included in those female numbers is a 2.4 women 18-49 demo rating and a 3.3 women 25-54 demo rating. While the series has a median age viewer of 60, that is on par with almost every other syndicated daytime show, as well as the broadcast network daytime soaps, talk and game shows.

2) Each of the four remaining soap operas on the broadcast networks—Days of Our Lives on NBC, General Hospital on ABC and The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS—have median-age audiences of between 55 and 59.

3) Talk and cooking shows such as CBS' The Talk and ABC's The View and The Chew have median-age audiences of 59-61, while game show The Price Is Right is up at 64. Judge Judy, therefore, is right in that wheelhouse, as are other daytime syndicated programs.

4) The second most-watched daytime syndicated show is game show Family Feud, which has been averaging 5.9 million viewers with 3.8 million of those being women since mid-September; the median age of its viewers is 57.

5) Dr. Phil is next, averaging 3.8 million viewers since mid-September, with 2.9 million of those being women and a median age of 59.

6) The broadcast network daytime shows do reach more women than most of the syndicated daytime shows do, but there are fewer of them.

7) The most watched broadcast daytime series is CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, which averages about 4.5 million viewers with 3.4 million being women. That would rank it third among all daytime shows watched by women, behind Judge Judy and Family Feud and just ahead of Dr. Phil.

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