News Flash ~ Passions Recasts Two Male Lead Roles

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 hspace=10 src=Newcomers to Portray 'Fox Crane' and 'Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald'

(Studio City, CA. January 6, 2006) ' Adrian Bellani and Mark Cameron Wystrach have joined the NBC Daytime drama, PASSIONS, in the contract roles of 'Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald' and 'Nicholas Foxworth Crane,' respectively, it was announced today by Executive Producer Lisa de Cazotte.  'Miguel and Fox have been pivotal romantic characters in our continuing story.  We're all excited to have these fine, new actors portray them going forward,' de Cazotte explains.

Florida-born Bellani spent his youth in El Salvador where he competed internationally in volleyball and equestrian competitions, as well as modeling.  After graduating from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Finance, Bellani segued into the rigors of training and auditioning as an actor.  He soon booked a worldwide Pepsi commercial opposite Christina Aguilera.  PASSIONS is his first series role.  His first airdate will be February 8.

 hspace=10 src=The youngest of 6 children, Wystrach was born and raised on a working cattle ranch in southern Arizona where his parents also ran a popular local steakhouse.  Among his siblings are his fraternal twin brother, Michael, and his sister, Alex Flannigan, a sports reporter for ESPN.  After graduating from the University of Arizona, Wystrach set out to travel the world, living at various times in Spain, Costa Rica and Norway.  A gifted athlete, Wystrach enjoyed the nomadic life while surfing and performing as a street musician before settling in Southern California to study acting.  His first airdate on PASSIONS will be February 14th.

Justin Hartley who originated the role of Fox Crane exits the show February 10.  Jesse Metcalfe, who originated the role of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald left Passions in 2004 to persue a primetime career and has made quite the name for himself as Eva Longoria's boytoy gardner on Desperate Housewives. The character of Miguel has not been seen on Passions since -- until now.  Stay tuned.


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