New Logos and Storyline sneak for All My Children and One Life to Live

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All My Children and One Life to Live have new logos!  As both soap operas find their way to online distribution, Prospect Park's The Online Network has seen fit to give them a new look and feel graphically, as well as updating how they will be telling their stories.


All My Children logo 2013

The new logo for All My Children uses the same typography, but is now without the iconic photo album.



One Life to Live logo 2013One Life to Live's new logo is more trendy and contemporary, with a san serrif type font and overlapping lines. 



When these two fan favorite soap operas return to the airwaves on Monday, April 29, 2013, we can expect the following storylinewise...

Read on with caution. Contains scoopage!

You will remember that when All My Children broadcast it's final episode on ABC Daytime, we were left with a major cliffhanger.  JR Chandler had a gun.  He was standing in the shadows outside a room full of Pine Valley illuminaries.  Tad Martin.  Erica Kane.  And just about everyone else.  As the music swelled on the final scene, after a touching tribute by Tad, a shot rang out.  But who, if anyone met the fate of JR's bullet? 

When we pick back up on the denizens of Pine Valley on April 29th, we will have advanced in time five years into the future.  Will we ever know the outcome of that fateful night five years prior?

While over in Llanview on One Live to Live, our story picks up right where it left off. You'll remember that as we left town, things were looking up for Clint and Viki, who were again finding their way back to each other, thanks in large part to the revelation that Clint was indeed Jessica's biological father.  While on the other side of town, as Viki's brother Todd is about to share a special moment with Blair, they are interrupted by John McBain who is arresting Todd for the murder of Victor Lord Jr. Just then, and as the credits on the final broadcast episode are about to roll, we find out that Victor is not dead. In fact, he is alive and well -- sort of -- in the clutches of one very cagey Allison Perkins. Is Victor going to be rescued? 

Find out when One Life to Live and All My Children return Monday, April 29, 2013.