Nathanial Marston Stays on One Life to Live

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Fan outcry causes TPTB to take a second look.

Nathaniel Marston (Al, OLTL)Al’s Death is Just the Beginning of Al and Marcie’s Love Story 

Fans Spoke Frons Listened!
Read with Caution Contains Scoopage

“The fans have spoken, and I hear them,” announced Brian Frons, president ABC Daytime. 

Fan favorite Nathaniel Marston is confirmed to stay on ABC Daytime’s One Life to Live. He will not be leaving the role of Al Buchanan.  The immensely popular Al and Marcie (Kathy Brier) love story will continue!

“On One Life to Live, we have been able to turn the story around and keep Al, and the talented Nathaniel Marston, in a very emotionally compelling love story with Marcie,” added Mr. Frons.  “While we aren’t always able to reverse these situations, this was a case where we could.”

Marston joined the show in December 2001. In the spring of 2003, his character, Al, found an unlikely savior and friend in Marcie Walsh. Determined to help him battle his drug addiction, Marcie staged a one-woman intervention and the bond that forged between them soon developed into love. In the summer of 2003, it was Marcie’s turn to rely on Al when Llanview University students decided to punish Marcie for her political views.  The threats against her escalated and Al ultimately died as a result of their acts of revenge and hatred.

Nathaniel Marston and Kathy Brier (Al and Marcie)“Even though Al has died in body, his spirit is very much alive. He will soon learn that he has a very important mission ahead of him and that heaven can wait.  The success of this mission is the key and proof that even death is not as strong as his love with Marcie,” tease co-headwriters Josh Griffith and Michael Malone. 

What Soapdom finds of extreme interest is that when Nathanial Marston appeared with the rest of the cast of One Life to Live at Disney California Adventure last summer, there were hardly any fans waiting in line at his autograph table.  This led us to believe that his character was not that popular. However, the recent outcry of fans demanding that he stay on the show proved that hypothesis wrong.

The popularity of the unlikely couple of Al and Marcie also shows that fans want to see more real-life shapes and sizes of characters finding and conquering love on their favorite soaps.

The way the story will develop now sounds interesting, if not far fetched.  Will Marcie and Al be able to sustain their romance if he is there only in spirit?  Or, is the show holding out on us? Will Marston return to Llanview in a new body aka the feature film, Heaven Can Wait?  Only it will still look like Marston?  That might be fun!  Time will tell.  Stay tuned….