iVillage 3rd Annual Entertainment Awards Announced ~ OLTL & AMC top saddest farewell category

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Soap opera fans, your voices continue to be heard.  Today, on NBC's The Today Show, iVillage announced the winners of their 3rd Annual Entertainment Awards. 

Their categories are not typical.  "Move over Oscars, right?" enthused Kelly Wallace, iVillage chief correspondent and executive director.

Of particular interest to soap opera fans is the category of "Saddest TV Farewell."  One Life to Live won, with All My Children a close second.  That's saying quite a lot, seeing as how the other nominees included Oprah, Steve Correll from The Office, Regis Philben and Meridth Vieira from the Today Show.

"This is it," said Wallace. "Soap opera fans lost two of their shows this year. And they're upset, and their loyalty, really put soap opera fairwells right at the top. One Life to Live won, but right behind it was All My Children.  These shows have been around 40 years. This was not just TV, this was family to fans. And it's hard to believe in the age of DVR, but years ago, lunch schedules, work schedules, college schedules revolved around these shows.  And so many celebrities got their start. Kelly Ripa on All My Children.  Ryan Phillipe and Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights fame on One Life to Live. This was a launching pad for a lot of celebrities. "

Soapdom congratulates One Life to Live and All My Children for winning this category and encourages fans to continue to show support for their favorite shows, whether still on air or not.

See the entire Today Show video of the iVillage awards announcements below, and thanks to Pam on Twitter for tipping us off!


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