GL's Bradley Cole's Album in Stores 1/27/04

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Cole's hit CD available.

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Bradley Cole (Jeffrey O’Neill, GL) has formed an association with Select-O-Hits to release his latest CD, In Our Time in stores beginning January 27, 2004.

Thirteen tracks of original pop-rock tunes written and performed by Cole, In Our Time features some of New York’s top musicians, including Fernando Saunders from Lou Reed’s band, Marty Willson-Piper from The Church and drummer Shawn Pelton from Saturday Night Live.

In Our Time is distributed by Select-O-Hits one of the largest independent record distributors in the country, providing services for over 300 independent vendors to customers like Tower Records and Best Buy. Select-O-Hits was co-founded in 1960 by brothers Tom and Sam Phillips, the latter, legendary founder of Sun Records.

In support of the album’s release into retail stores, the Bradley Cole Band will be kicking off several concert dates beginning with two shows at Club Café on Valentine’s Day in Pittsburgh, PA, and then at the Mermaid Lounge in New Orleans. See Soapdom's Seeing Stars for more.

Loaded with guitars (Cole plays most of them) and familiar vocal harmonies, In Our Time sounds at times like a Creedence-meets-Dylan-meets-The Beatles flashback.  According to TV Guide’s Michael Logan, In Our Time is a “rambunctious, romantic ode to the 1960s and so retro it’s groundbreaking…”

If your local stores haven’t yet put Cole’s album on its shelves, you can remind the store manager that In Our Time can be ordered through Select-O-Hits or most one-stop distributors. 

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