GL Searches for New Blood!

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Casting call for college kids

Marty West (Shayne, GL) and Aubrey Dollar (Marina, GL)Guiding Light Launches College Casting Tour

Frist As the World Turns did it. Then All My Children. Now Guiding Light is launching its own search for the next crop of soap stars.

Like ATWT, GL will search for hot new talent on college campuses, auditioning young hopefuls opposite Aubrey Dollar (Marina), Marty West (Shayne) and Crystal Hunt (Lizzie). All that is needed to make the jump from dorm room to daytime is a picture and valid college ID.

"They don't have to be theater majors," says GL's casting director, Rob Decina, who will conduct the auditions. "An Economics major who always wanted to give acting a try can audition. We're looking for someone with a sense of charm, whose sparkle comes through their personality."

The tour kicks off on Sept. 23 at University of Georgia in Athens and continues at the campuses of University of Miami, University of Pittsburgh, Northwestern University and University of Denver. Ten finalists — five girls and five boys — will then screen test for their big break on The Early Show in November.