GH's Tony Geary Celebrates Milestone!

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Pop the bottle, and here's to another 25 years

Geary Talks About 25 Years as Luke Spencer

How it Started, How it Grew, and the Super Couple that Started it All!

Anthony Geary has starred as intense Luke Spencer on General Hospital for more than two decades!

"I was going to do 13 weeks," he revealed during his 25th anniversary celebration on November 25, 2003  at the General Hospital set. "[Former GH executive producer] Gloria Monty said she wanted to do something with the character that was long-range, and I said, 'I hate soap operas,' and she said, 'So do I, honey. We're going to change all that."

The Emmy-winning actor has helped redefine the genre through storylines as simple as the loss of love and as sublime as the Ice Princess. And he is one-half of daytime's most recognizable supercouple: Luke and Laura.

"She'll always be the love of his life," he says. Geary's still in touch with Genie Francis, Laura's portrayer, and chuckles over the notion that she'd be threatened by Luke's new leading ladies. "There is only one Luke and Laura," he declares. "I think that everyone is smart enough to know that the audience wouldn't accept it anyway."

Geary's learned many lessons over the years, but still recalls one he learned at the start of his career. "My mentor, Jack Albertson, told me, 'You can be talented and great-looking... none of that means anything in the end in show business. The only thing that matters is perseverance.'"

With his 25-year tenure on GH, looks like Geary followed Mr. Albertson's advice! Soapdom congratulates Geary on his 25th Anniversary with GH!