GH's Genie Francis Brings Laura to Life Again

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She's back and SOAPnet teams with ABC Daytime for the memories


Tony Geary and Genie Francis (Luke & Laura, GH)There's huge plans ahead to honor the 25th anniversary of Luke marrying Laura.  Here's what you need to know:

1) ABC and SOAPnet celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Luke and Laura's Wedding, the most-watched televison episode EVER.

2) Genie Francies returns to GH as Laura on October 26th

3) SOAPnet is dedicating the entire month of November to celebrating the 25th anniversary of Luke and Laura's wedding.

4) You're gonna get to see the 1981 wedding of Luke and Laura all over again, thanks to SOAPnet.

ABC and SOAPnet join forces to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary courtship and marriage of daytime's most beloved couple, "General Hospital's" Luke and Laura, during the end of October and November. Their original wedding on ABC transcended the realm of daytime to become a national pop culture phenomenon and one of the biggest events in television history.

"Thirty million people watched Luke and Laura's wedding 25 years ago, and we invite them back to 'General Hospital' to experience the excitement that captured a nation," said Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group. "ABC and SOAPnet are working together to celebrate the legacy of Luke and Laura. By combining our efforts, our fans will be fully immersed in the past, present and future storylines of the Spencer and Cassadine families."

"SOAPnet has a unique opportunity to 'toast' this milestone anniversary," said Deborah Blackwell, general manager, SOAPnet. "During the month of November, SOAPnet will be 'everything Luke and Laura,' airing a variety of special programming... This is a great time to reconnect with General Hospital."

Here's how ABC Daytime will welcome Laura back to GH

Genie Francis returns to the role of "General Hospital's" Laura Spencer on October 26 and in anticipation of her return, ABC will produce countdown bumpers that air Oct. 16-25. Also, in celebration of her return, ABC will run a one-minute saga-sell on Laura's story, bringing viewers up to date. Additionally, during the week of Nov. 13 on "General Hospital," ABC is creating interstitials featuring "General Hospital" actors discussing the love story of Luke and Laura. On November 16th, "General Hospital" will air a commemorative episode to coincide with the 25 anniversary of daytime's most beloved couple.

Here's what SOAPnet has in store for fans

General Hospital fans, set your vcrs and program your Tivos. SOAPnet will air the famous 1981 nuptials during a special marathon on November 24 along with a one-hour special hosted by Anthony Geary and Genie Francis, the actors who brought the characters to life. Additionally, every Sunday in November SOAPnet will air 25 of the best Luke and Laura moments during the weekly marathons of "General Hospital's" Monday-Friday episodes (Sundays 2-7PM ET/PT).

On Friday, November 24 from 7 PM - 12 Midnight ET/PT SOAPnet, will air "Luke and Laura 25: Something Old, Something New," a marathon of pivotal episodes in the relationship of Luke and Laura, including the original wedding episodes that over 30 million viewers originally tuned in to watch. The marathon culminates with a new one-hour original special about Luke and Laura entitled "Luke and Laura Through the Years" (working title). Anthony Geary and Genie Francis host this intimate look at their characters' relationship over the last 25 years and how their monumental wedding changed their lives forever."

Luke and Laura 25: Something Old, Something New" marathon episodes include:

* 7PM - Dancing at Wyndham's -
Luke and Laura are on the run and spend the night in Wyndham's Department Store. (Episode #146-HSP-80, original airdate 8/6/1980)

* 8PM - Walls of Jericho Come Down -
Luke and Laura make love for the first time. (Episode #197-HSP-80, original airdate 10/20/1980)

* 9PM - Luke & Laura's Wedding Pt. 1 -
As everyone gathers, Helena Cassadine (Elizabeth Taylor) arrives at Luke and Laura's wedding and watches the processional. (Episode #209-HSP-81, original airdate 11/16/1981)

* 10PM - Luke & Laura's Wedding Pt. 2 -
Helena curses Luke and Laura. Scotty catches Laura's bouquet, Luke and Scotty fight. Luke and Laura finally leave for their honeymoon. (Episode #210-HSP-81, original airdate 11/17/1981)

* 11PM - Luke & Laura Through the Years (working title) -
An original SOAPnet special - Anthony Geary and Genie Francis reminisce about their characters' relationship throughout the years and how their wedding catapulted them into pop culture history (new original special).