GH Heads Roll ~ John Ingle Thanks Fans

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I was Edward

John Ingle, Chad Brannon, Kin Shriner, and more on the way out!

John Ingle Speaks to His Fans!

In an open letter to fans, John Ingle shares his hopes and dreams and gives thanks and appreciation to the character he's played for the past ten years!

"To my faithful GH fans………

For the past ten wonderful years, I have been convinced that I was 'Edward Quartermaine.' I wore his clothes(expensive). …bellowed his lines….yelled at his family….all the while loving them fiercely! Then suddenly, I found that I wasn't 'Edward' at all. I was/am John Ingle, and I have been privileged to play this delicious, multi-faceted role for ten short and happy years. BUT it was merely a role!

As John Ingle, I am a - working actor - once again.   My theatrical agents are delighted that I will be able to pursue my career in primetime and film. Naturally, I am excited and look forward to what the future holds.

But I am saddened to leave my cherished, "dys'FUN'ctional" Quartermaine family- old and new. I am saddened to say goodbye (for now) to our top-notch crews - stage…camera…props…hair & make-up…wardrobe….production  staff. I will take irreplaceable memories with me as I leave Port Charles for exciting parts unknown. 

Saying goodbye to "Edward Quartermaine" is like leaving a dear, old friend. As you say goodbye to the character, don't say goodbye to me. I will not go quietly into that good night!

So wish me luck..and know that you have my love and lasting gratitude.

Much love…….John Ingle"

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