General Hospital Casting Coup - Michael Sutton Returns

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Michael Sutton (c)Kathy HutchinsIn an early morning email from General Hospital, we learned that Michael Sutton was on his way back to Port Charles. They broke the story with TV Guide Online's Michael Logan today and sent us the link to Logan's column.

Okay, so I am thinking this must be pretty huge news -- big enough for them to give an exclusive to TV Guide. But for the life of me, I did not know who Michael Sutton was -- at first.

Then it hit me. Whoops, my bad! Of course. He is the actor who played the groundbreaking storyline of Stone and Robin (Kimberly McCullough). The one where General Hospital fans nation wide watched the show with boxes of tissues the day that Stone died of AIDS back in 1995.

I wasn't watching General Hospital back then. Safe to say that the storyline was before my time -- although, I did know about it and how amazingly it was portrayed by both Sutton and McCullough. I just never knew Sutton's name before today! You know what they say. Live and learn, right!

So, I just can't be more delighted to know that this storyline is going to pick up again, if even for two episodes. Now I will get to see what all the hub bub was about back then between the characters of Stone and Robin.

But is Stone coming back as himself? Didn't he die in 1995? You betcha. And we've confirmed that he is not coming back as a ghost or a spirit of any kind. He is simply going to appear to Robin when she finds herself in peril and becomes delirious.

As you know, Robin has been going through a rough patch. She and husband Patrick (Jason Thompson) are on the rocks thanks to Brianna Brown's Lisa -- the beautiful old girlfriend and blast from Patrick's past. Mix delirious with vulnerable, and you've got yourself the perfect platform for a vision of a past love to come and save the day.

Logan also reveals that Robin and Stone will reminisce about their past together and bring closure to what happened to them years ago -- something fans have been clamoring for since Stone died, leaving Robin HIV positive.

Watch for Michael Sutton to hit Port Charles on September 28th. Could TPTB extend the return? Time will tell. Be sure to tune in.

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Michael Logan @ TV Guide Online