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A special episode of InTurn broadcast Friday, November 24 on CBS


InTurn Cast PhotoEpisode to Feature Highlights From the 24-Episode Series

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This past summer, eight struggling actors vied for the coveted 13-week role on AS THE WORLD TURNS as the Internet audience watched the drama and competition unfold on the web-exclusive reality series INTURN ( Now, for the first time, an online series will be seen on the Network when a one-hour compilation episode of INTURN is broadcast Friday, Nov. 24 (12:30-1:30 ET/3:00-4:00 PT) on the CBS Television Network.  The special episode of INTURN will feature highlights that include the most dramatic, funny and emotional moments from the 24-episodes seen on's innertube.

INTURN followed eight participants as they moved into a loft in Brooklyn, N.Y. and underwent a series of tryouts, such as screen tests, cold readings and awkward prop challenges that ultimately led to five contestants being voted out by a group of judges.  The three remaining contestants were written into the show as characters on AS THE WORLD TURNS.  After each InTurn's appearance on ATWT, viewers across America voted online for their favorite finalist and chose the winner of the coveted 13-week role.  The winner was Alex Charak, 18, of Roslyn Heights, N.Y.  He began appearing on AS THE WORLD TURNS in late September as "Elwood Hoffman," the college roommate of "Casey Hughes" (played by Zach Roerig).

The original eight participants are:

Javier Armenteros, 25                                 Alex Charak, 18 
Hometown:  Miami, Fl                                  Hometown: Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

Geneva Hyman, 21                                      Janal Montagna, 19
Hometown:  Hartsville, S.C                          Hometown:  Plymouth, Mass.

Ian Novick, 23                                              Megan O'Keefe,21
Hometown:  Hayama, Japan                        Hometown:  Villa Hills, Ky.

Justin Stiver, 20                                           Marjorie Thomas, 24
Hometown:  Germantown, Ohio                  Hometown:  West Palm Beach, Fla.


The AS THE WORLD TURNS actors who judged challenges and offered advice include Alexandra Chando ("Maddie Coleman"), Terri Colombino ("Katie Peretti"), Trent Dawson ("Henry Coleman"), Ellen Dolan ("Margo Hughes"), Van Hansis ("Luke Snyder"), Scott Holmes ("Tom Hughes"), Paul Leyden ("Simon Frasier"), Michael Park ("Jack Snyder"), Colleen Zenk Pinter ("Barbara Ryan"), Zach Roerig ("Casey Hughes"), Jesse Lee Soffer ("Will Munson")  and Marie Wilson ("Meg Snyder").

INTURN was conceived as a companion show to AS THE WORLD TURNS and is executive produced by Christopher Goutman, also executive producer of the daytime drama.  It is produced by New York-based production company Leftfield Pictures.