DOOL's Thaao Penghlis Out?

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Another one bites the dust.

Post a Fake -- Content of Message the Truth!

Is Tony the Last Victim?  Are Others to Follow?  Read with Caution -- Possible Scoopage!

According to sources, Thaao Penghlis, who returned to the show as Tony DiMera in June 2002, has received his walking papers as the Days of Our Lives' serial killer storyline claims its sixth victim.

Penghlis originated the role of Tony DiMera, the son of the evil Stefano DiMera, back in 1981. He remained in the role until 1996, and for a few years pulled double duty by playing Tony's cousin, Andre DiMera.

During head writer James E. Reilly's previous stint as head writer of Days of Our Lives, the actor's character was also "killed" off. In actuality, it was look-alike Andre that had been killed. Ironically, the same is true of the now-departed Matthew Ashford (ex-Jack Deveraux). 

Penghlis' reps and a show spokesperson declined to comment on the contract rumors, while setside sources hint that the serial killer storyline is slated to slash at least two more actors from Days' canvas!   If the sources are correct, this would bring the total number of victims of the serial killer to eight, when originally, it was confirmed that six characters would fall victim to the serial killer.  
A letter that had originally been attributed to Penghlis has now been revealed to be the work of the actor's personal assistant. While the quotes attributed to Penghlis were not his own words, the content of the message was, in fact, correct. Penghlis' assistant has encouraged his fans to write to the show and network executives to express their disappointment in the decision to kill off Tony -- and, possibly, to keep the actor on the show.

According to Penghlis' fan club president, as of now the actor will continue taping scenes at Days of Our Lives and will make his final on-screen appearance in about six weeks. That would put the actor's final on-screen near the end of November.

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