DOOL's Frances Reid A Salem Stalker Vic?

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Oh No! Not her too.

Matriarch Days Numbered?

Although the news is unconfirmed by the show, sources reveal that Days of Our Lives' Frances Reid, who has played Horton matriarch Alice since the show began in 1965, will be the next victim to perish at demented Marlena's hands.

Setside sources whisper that the Horton matriarch will gasp her last breaths this April. Incited fans are already banding together to rally against Reid's release with online petitions. (Fans of Frances Reid go here to sign the petition.)  But the truth is, Reid is getting way on in years and is quite frail.  Perhaps the grid of daytime TV has become too difficult to handle.

The death of Salem's beloved grandma isn't entirely unexpected. In interviews, head writer James Reilly hinted that the last of the Salem serial killer's victims would be the most shocking yet.

Reid's imminent departure, along with the recent retirement of John Clarke (ex-Mickey), marks the end of Days' original cast members. Bill Hayes, whose on-screen persona Doug Williams just perished in the hands of the Salem serial killer, is focusing on the positives. "My first reaction was, 'That can't be,'" he shares candidly. "My second reaction was it's been a wonderful job playing a fabulous character. In this world of insecurities, to have a job for that long is pretty shocking."

Meanwhile, Hayes has his own theories on why Marlena is slashing out. "I think it's somebody's dream. That's got to be the reason behind this," he says.  Could he be on to something? We will have to watch and see.