DOOL Vet Officially Retires!

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John Clarke, one of the original cast members, says buh bye

It's Bittersweet for DOOL and John Clarke (Mickey) Who will Officially Retire This Month

Does Mickey meet the fate of the serial killer?

This Just In...   Days of our Lives is sad to announce that John Clarke (“Mickey Horton”) has officially decided to retire, effective Tuesday, January 13th.

John, with his physician’s urging, wants to have time to walk his dogs, travel with his wife, sing in his choir, watch his daughter on a hit TV show, take care of his grandbaby - you get the picture. 

More than anything - after giving his lifetime to the show he deserves one of his own.   "John will be 73 years old this spring and we applaud what he is doing," said the spokesperson for Days of our Lives.  "It goes without saying that it is a heartbreaking moment for us but his health is far more important than any storyline. Everyone, the DAYS family here and fans everywhere, will notice John's absence on the set. We love John and will miss him. The show is also very confident that our supportive fans will embrace whoever has the honor of stepping into the role of 'Mickey.' "

"38 years in the same job is great for the ego but the health needs nourishment, too," said a wistful Clarke.  "I am going to miss everybody totally and forever... I'll be back, to have lunch now and again that is! The only person REALLY unhappy about my retirement is my wife - she likes to get me out of the house! ha ha"

One of two remaining original cast members, John Clarke has portrayed attorney Mickey Horton since Days premiered in November 1965. His additional television credits include featured roles on the series “Hart to Hart” and in the film “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”

Born in South Bend, Indiana, Clarke is the son of a career U.S. Army officer. As a result, he has lived in 20 states, and he graduated from high school while in Tokyo. He earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master degree in television arts from UCLA. He has been married for over 30 years. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. His birthday is April 14.  Pictured at right is Clarke's daughter Mindy Clarke who is currently starring as Julie on The O.C. The proud father looks forward to now watching her work on television.

Soapdom can't help but speculate if his retirement comes on the heels of the uncertainity of any character on Days of late, due to the Serial Killer Storyline. 

DOOL has tapped actor Richard Voigts (Scrubs, The Parkers, The Practice) to step in as Mickey Horton beginning February 3rd. A spokesperson for DAYS declined to comment whether Voigts would be a permanent addition to the cast or if he will remain on to wrap up Mickey's storylines. The long-term fate of the character, however, remains to be seen.

Soapdom wishes Clarke the very, very best as he moves into this next phase of his life.  "God bless, and thank you for the many wonderful moments you brought to us as Mickey on Days of our Lives," Linda Marshall-Smith, Soapdom, CEO sends out to Clarke.  "You will be missed."