Dirty Soap Season Finale: Days of our Lives Galen Gering Dishes Dirty Soap

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Galen and Jenna Gering (Dirty Soap)Soapdom Exclusive Video

Tonight is the season finale of Dirty Soap on E! This is one reality show that I am gonna miss. That's a lot coming from someone who much prefers scripted programming to the likes of Snookie, and real housewives.  Admittedly, Dirty Soap has been my guilty pleasure these past few weeks, seven to be exact, and tonight makes eight.

I have to give Galen Gering (Rafe, Days of our Lives), Jenna Gering (stay-at-home mom and wife of a soap demigod), Kelly Monaco (Sam, General Hospital), Kristen Storms (Maxie, General Hospital), Brandon Beemer (Owen, Bold and the Beautiful), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, Days of our Lives), Farah Fath (Gigi/Stacy, One Life to Live) and John-Paul (JP) Lavoisier (Rex, One Life to Life) a lot of credit.  They have opened up their lives, shown their insecurities and vulnerabilities, laughed, cried, cursed and made major life decisions right before our eyes.

Farah Fath has convinced on screen love interest and off screen boy friend, JP Laviosier, to pack up and move to Los Angeles, something he obviously resisted.  She also revealed that all she really wants is for him to walk her down the aisle.

We first meet Kelly Monaco after a recent breakup with her boyfriend of 18 years!  Heck. Boyfriend nothing. That's common-law marriage, girlfriend. At any rate, he's been a major part of her life for a long time. We see her encounter him and find the closure she needs to move on.

Jenna Gering is a tall, beautiful blonde with two adorable boys. She devotes her days to raising them, while hubby Galen, gets steamy love scenes with on screen wife, Alison Sweeney (Sami).  We see that Galen appreciates Jenna and all she does for the family, but she can't help feel insecure when he has shower love scenes with Sweeney.  Can you blame her?  

There's also the real conflict between Kristen Storms and Farah Fath, once BFF's, now on the outs.  When Fath reaches out to Storms, they try to clear the air, but Storms doesn't seem to be that open to seeing Fath's side of things.  Then, the other foot drops when Storms takes quite ill -- so ill in fact, that she is forced to step down from her role on General Hospital for a few weeks to recover.  Farah is left to deal with that.

And finally, there's the adorable, sweet and considerate Brandon Beemer, mad for the absolutely stunning Nadia Bjorlin.  She returns his affection and is so cute when she thanks him every time he does something nice for her. Too bad Fary Bjorlin, Nadis's mom, doesn't think any man is good enough for her Nadia -- especially Brandon.

Parents, friends and relatives are shown interacting with all the cast.  JP's mom doesn't think he should move to LA.  Farah's dad wants JP to put a ring on his daughter's finger.  Kelly's mom and sisters at first appear to be in her ex boyfriend's corner, that is, until Mom tells Kelly that she will always come first.

To see how these actors, who work very hard every day on their soaps, deal with this definite soap-type drama going on in their real lives, was darn griping.  

Back in August, we met up with Galen Gering who previewed Dirty Soap for us.  Check out what he had to say about Dirty Soap back then.


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Fast forward to just last week, when we saw Gering again.  Again we dished Dirty Soap. This time we talked about a possible season two, his sentiment about how he and Jenna are being portrayed, and why he is enjoying being part of Dirty Soap.  

He even previewed that if there is a season two, everyone is on board!  


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Meanwhile, on tonight's season finale of Dirty Soap at 10:30 ET on E!, the gang goes camping where Kelly pushes Farah to confront JP, causing a major fight. At the same time, Nadia surprises Fary at dinner with Brandon but doesn't know Fary has a surprise for her as well.