Days of our Lives Lauren Koslow on EJ, Sami and Johnny going missing

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Lauren Koslow (Kate, Days of our Lives)Lauren Koslow has played Kate on Days of our Lives since 1996.  She also did time on the Young and the Restless (Lindsey Wells, 1986) and the Bold and the Beautiful (Margo Lynley Spencer 1987 – 2002 on and off), but she is best known as the scheming, gorgeous Kate DiMera on Days.

Coming up the week of November 14th, panic has hit the town of Salem thanks to Johnny’s disappearance.  Kate and the entire town are involved in the search for Johnny.  EJ actually feels guilty and responsible for Johnny going missing. After all, had he not set the whole John thing in motion, Johnny would be safe and sound at home with his mom.  

Naturally, Kate, knowing EJ as she does, questions him about Johnny’s disappearance.  Is Kate suspicious of EJ?

“Because of their relationship, she knows he’s capable of doing nefarious things,” Koslow shared with Soapdom. “She knows this because she is capable of doing nefarious things and she knows he is like her. She knows this is a game of manipulation between the kids and she feels it’s her responsibility to keep things under control.”

Koslow went on to explain that where EJ is concerned, any kind of questioning comes from that place.  “I equate this to The Tudors, because when things involve family, especially Kate’s family, and the Dimeras’, they require some supervision.   It is from that place that Kate questions EJ.”

Does Kate get a satisfactory response from EJ, or is she still suspicious?

“It’s always a game between Kate and EJ. There is always lots of subtext. Nothing is ever on the surface. I think it’s more that she’s knows she is not going to get anything else out of him, but she knows she’s made her point.”

The question is, will EJ come clean to Kate and reveal his part in framing John?  We are just going to have to tune in next week to find that out.

In the meantime, EJ isn’t the only one Kate reaches out to this week.  She surprises Sami by offering support and comfort.  What makes Kate behave this way toward Sami?
“Sami is family and that has now become the more important factor in Kate’s relationship with Sami,” Kowslow revealed. “History being what it is, Kate has finally come to a point that the most important thing in their relationship is that they are family.  For Kate, it is always deep emotional pain when it comes to children because of what has happened before with the loss of her children. That would motivate her to reach out and comfort Sami. It’s a human moment. A maternal moment. Despite what’s gone on in their past, her maternal instincts come out in regard to Sami, albeit in a very strange way.”

Koslow went on to explain that  Kate has come to a place where she recognizes that she and Sami are very much alike.

“She sees very much of herself in Sami.  Some of the worst things about herself she sees in Sami.  They are very alike. And sometimes that can drive a huge wedge between you when you are too much alike.”

As to whether Johnny is found safe and sound remains to be seen.  Don’t miss a minute of Days of our Lives the week of November 14, 2011 and you’ll find out.

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