Days of our Lives' Drake Hogestyn Subdues Attacker

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Soap opera fiction takes on a real life threat.


Drake Hogestyn (John, Days of our Lives)It was a wild and wacky end of 2007 for Days of our Lives Drake Hogestyn (John).  First, his much beloved character was killed off the soap, much to the fans chagrin. In fact, one fan was so enraged, he sought out Hogestyn at his home on New Year's Eve and physically attacked him and his family. Hogestyn defended himself and his wife and daughter, and along with son, Ben, subdued the attacker until the police arrived. leaked the restraining order .

According to TMZ, here's how it played out. 

Hogestyn said he was with his family in the backyard of their Malibu home when Carl Raymond Cheney of Portland, OR came on to his property and ran at his daughter carrying a bible screaming "Where is he? I will cast him out!" Hogestyn said Cheney was "calling me by my stage name... recalling past storylines, especially the demonic possession of several years past. But more important, he thought I was dead, because the show that aired on Friday 12.29.07 left my character John Black shot and presumed dead."

The incident occured as Hogestyn was on a ladder painting his house. Cheney grabbed and pushed his wife backwards on their patio stairs. Hogestyn then grabbed Cheney by the hair, spun him around, delivered a right cross to the chin that sent him down the stairs.  The restraining order notes that the struggle continued for ten full minutes until Hogestyn and his 25-year-old son, Ben, were able to subdue Cheney by duct-taping the intruder's hands and feet until police arrived.

Cheney was taken to LA County jail and held on $150,000 bond.  Motive was established when the coppers found a map providing directions from Cheney's home in Oregon to the Hogestyn's in Malibu.

Soapdom regrets that Hogestyn and his family had to endure such an ordeal, but remain thankful that the Hogestyn's came away from the incident without injury or bodily harm.  

A hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court is scheduled for Tuesday, January 29th at 8:30 AM.