Chandler Massey officially quits Days of our Lives

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Chandler Massey (Will, Days of our Lives)By: Mark Edward Wilows

Chandler Massey (Will) of Days of our Lives has officially left the show. Not the news anyone wants to hear. According to his Twitter page Massey says, "As I move forward from Days, I will never forget the laughs we shared, the tears we shed, & the love we spread, Time to get edumacated."

And then, in a second tweet, he says:

"Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You. It has been such an amazing journey, and I am so grateful to have shared these four years with you all."

According to Gay Star News, the 22 year-old actor said that NBC has let him out of his four-year contract three months early so he can focus on school and other career opportunities.

The very talented two time Emmy Award winner said "I'm done. It's bittersweet". "These four years have been amazing. I've built a family here. I'm so grateful to NBC and everyone for these amazing four years, it's been my privilege and honor to work there."

The actor added "I'm appreciative for Days and NBC for letting me out of my contract early so I can pursue these opportunities that I have not been able to pursue before."

Massey has been playing the role of a gay character in a same sex romantic relationship. His portrayal has garnered him the respect of his acting peers, the gay community, and fans worldwide, not to mention the two Emmy's he's received for his work in this storyline.

Meantime, I will be seeing Massey tomorrow in Chicago for the Days of our Lives event there and will continue to update fans on this breaking story.  Several weeks ago, Massey told us here at Soapdom that nothing regarding his contract had been finalized as of yet, lending hope to fans of the character of Will that he may be staying with the show. 

But now it is official.  Massey has left Days of our Lives, though he will continue to air through December.  Will we see a Christmas wedding for Will and Sonny?

Either way, Soapdom wishes the best to this talented man. You will always be Will.

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