Bold and the Beautiful’s Sean Kanan on the Lamb?

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An arrest warrant issued for soap star recalled and quashed


Sean Kanan (ex Deacon, Bold and the Beautiful) There I was getting ready for a good night’s sleep.  I gave the kitties and the doggie their respective g’night pets, snuggled up with the hubby and KCBS 11 o’clock news.  Imagine my horror when a photo of Sean Kanan (ex Deacon, Bold and the Beautiful) comes blaring across the screen and KCBS news anchor, Laura Diaz, notes that there is an arrest warrant for soap actor, Sean Kanan, who failed to meet his court date Thursday, May 8th for a progress report hearing.

Talk about an OMG moment. At first, I was dumbfounded. I know Kanan. I’ve interviewed him a number of times for Soapdom. I’ve seen him on Red Carpets all over town.  He was always respectful, charming and did not in any way appear to be a deadbeat.  I immediately thought there must be some mistake.  There must have been some miscommunication.  Turns out, I was right.

Here’s the backstory…

On August 18, 2007, Kanan was arrested in Hollywood for DUI (driving under the influence).  Last December, Kanan pleaded no contest and was sentenced to five years probation, 15 days of community service and was ordered to enroll in an alcohol-education program.

Kanan, who has appeared on the Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and had a starring role in 1989’s Karate Kid III, was scheduled to appear in Hollywood Superior Court Thursday for a progress-report hearing, but failed to show up, a court clerk said and KCBS 11 o’clock news reported.  Court records additionally reveal that Kanan was previously convicted of DUI in 1998.

According to sources close to the actor, however, Kanan, who has done everything to comply fully with the court’s requests, only learned about the arrest warrant from friends who saw the television news piece. Immediately, Kanan contacted his attorney, Martin Godin. In a statement from Godin he explains, “Mr. Kanan is complying with the orders of the court. He has been busy working. There was a miscommunication and the warrant was recalled and quashed this morning.”

 “I take this situation very seriously,” Kanan told Soapdom. “I have been working incredibly hard on creating positive changes in my life. I would never knowingly neglect a court date nor any conditions placed on me by the court system.”

Anthony Turk, Kanan’s publicist assured Soapdom that the actor has never been in better shape in his life. He has turned a new corner and plans on never going back.  “He looks great,” said Turk. “I’ve never seen him better. He’s working, he’s working out and he’s happy.”

In shades of Ironman’s Robert Downey, Jr. whose life mirrored the drug addict he played in one of his very first movie roles, “Less than Zero,”  Kanan played hot-head and alcoholic A.J. Quartermaine on General Hospital from 1993-1997.  More recently, Kanan just completed a starring role in the upcoming feature, “Jack Rio” and he also stars in the feature “Hack” now out nationwide on DVD.